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Unrivaled Medicine God
Lumia: Other World

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2215 – Chaos Samsara Pill! quizzical rustic
But a really main potential was actually just here to move an errand?
Ji Mo flicked his hands, a mindset remedies flew towards selection formation.
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Not looking forward to him to reply but, Ye Yuan’s hands flicked out like phantoms. One particular collection structure after another designed within the void.
“Brother Ji Mo, have you moved what I want?” Ye Yuan reported.
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Ye Yuan also smiled and reported, “Congratulations to Sibling Ji Mo in making excellent upgrades in sturdiness!”
Done chatting, Ye Yuan made around and believed to Empyrean Pilljade, “Just now, you said that I’m garbage?”
Pertaining to Significant Priest Stardrive’s strength improving significantly, why have he must thank Ye Yuan?
Ji Mo nodded a bit and explained, “Receiving Following Sage’s information, Ji Mo did not dare to quit to obtain a following and accumulated the mindset medicines and rushed over.”
… …
Significant Priest Stardrive gave a polite bow towards Ye Yuan and mentioned, “Ji Mo presents greetings to 2nd Sage!”
Discovering his appearance, who still did not understand that Ye Yuan wanted to polish pills?
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“Everyone states that Ye Yuan could be the Priest Temple’s Next Sage. I even believed it was actually merely nominal. I didn’t assume that … his rank is certainly so large!”
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Pilljade was startled inwardly! Could it be that the child really possessed some method and may even heal?
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On the other hand, the elegance of Ye Yuan’s procedure and complexity of your selection formations designed absolutely everyone secretly alarmed.
These rank seven heart drugs ended up all incomparably cherished.
“Unreasonable Azure Soul Berry!”
Ye Yuan’s physique did not have divine fact and can not really opened the storage space band in any way. As a result, which was why he wanted Ji Mo to make it happen on his behalf.
The void trembled. Countless light-weight radiated out.
What if this became a terrific therapeutic tablet?
“Ancient Orchid Earthsun Precious metal!”
It was simply that they failed to think it over, Ye Yuan dared to polish the dietary supplement before so many of them, how could he be scared of those secretly studying?
“Unreasonable Azure Soul Fresh fruit!”
Nevertheless, the beauty of Ye Yuan’s procedure and complexness of your range formations made anyone secretly alarmed.
Not waiting for him to reply yet still, Ye Yuan’s disposal flicked out like phantoms. Just one assortment growth after another constructed from the void.
By using a distinct audio, the entire assortment formation seemed to have come to reality all of a sudden.

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