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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2310 absurd delight
“Miss Qin Xiyuan’s boogie mate is of course Yin Heng…”
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Si Yehan nodded lightly and walked toward Yi Lingjun, involuntarily glancing with the woman position adjacent to Yi Lingjun.
“Director Si!” Yi Lingjun shouted, breaking Si Yehan from his contemplation.
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
“No want. I had a dancing companion actually. Thanks,” Qin Xiyuan courteously denied them with a faint grin on her confront.
“Director Si!” Yi Lingjun shouted, busting Si Yehan out from his contemplation.
Although Qin Xiyuan was included with Yin Heng, lots of people were definitely unwilling to stop.
On experiencing everyone’s attention focused entirely on her just as before, Qin Xiyuan’s phrase finally eased, and she gracefully positioned her palm on Yin Heng’s hands.
“Miss Qin Xiyuan’s boogie associate is naturally Yin Heng…”
Anyone couldn’t aid but start looking toward Qin Xiyuan and Yin Heng.
“Oh ideal, permit me to introduce you—this is my girl, Yi Yunmo.” Yi Lingjun aimed at Ye Wanwan next to him.
“Thank you for your support, Director,” Si Yehan responded.
“Miss Yi.” Si Yehan viewed Ye Wanwan, his frosty deal with not revealing any difference in sensations just like he was dressed in a face mask. His austere and unworldly atmosphere permeated air around him.
“Director Si, I am going to take into account your earlier advice. Younger people really should be a lot more courageous anyways, and it’s not necessarily a bad element that you produce thoughts which can be ahead of your time and effort,” Yi Lingjun claimed by using a teeth.
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“Miss Qin Xiyuan’s party associate is naturally Yin Heng…”
“No demand. I actually have a party partner previously. Thank you so much,” Qin Xiyuan courteously turned down all of them a faint teeth on the face.
“Miss Qin Xiyuan, may well I request you to get a party?”
Chapter 2310 Control by yourself, your persona can“t fall!
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Yi Lingjun looked at Ye Wanwan and unwittingly chuckled. Her pretense was pretty on point. She was truly deserving of staying his disciple and little princess, inheriting a pinch of his capabilities.
Why is he dressed so nicely these days? It’s nothing like I could strip him at the moment!
“Director Si!” Yi Lingjun shouted, stopping Si Yehan out from his contemplation.
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He finally managed to increase Qin Xiyuan’s favor with fantastic problems. If Si Yehan sank his claws into Yi Yunmo, anything would be wrecked.
“Thank you for your own assistance, Chief executive,” Si Yehan replied.
Ahhh! So attractive!!!
“Miss Qin Xiyuan, could I ask you for the boogie?”
If not, he’d truly be at a loss if Si Yehan had been able to secure himself to Qin Xiyuan.
Si Yehan nodded lightly and went toward Yi Lingjun, involuntarily glancing at the female standing up alongside Yi Lingjun.
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“President,” Si Yehan greeted him.
No! Manage yourself!
He would still stomp Si Yehan beneath his foot ultimately!
Nonetheless, this became what performed outside in her thoughts:
“Thank you for your help, President,” Si Yehan responded.

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