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Chapter 1754 – Making great efforts servant puncture
“Unfortunately, no. From the Netherworld Kingdom, we don’t have things like many-option problems,” № Hamster stated. “I experimented with my far better to check with you the quick questions initial. I didn’t be expecting you to be unable to solution even a sole problem accurately.”
Song Shuhang set for the tire for instance a salted sea food, making the wheel ” spin ” him around frantically. Also, Fairy @#%× extended her snake tail out, and caught up into the wheel.
№ Hamster’s tone of voice sounded. “This concludes the exam.”
№ Hamster’s sound sounded. “This proves the exam.”
Section 1754 Doing fantastic hard work
The rate of your wheel had been brought up to 20th gear. Even Piece of music Shuhang, who has been at the Sixth Step Realm, couldn’t stay informed about this flow.
Woman Onion quietly handled her onion sprouts—as expected of any older person, he was especially reputable at crucial occasions.
Young lady Onion’s eyeballs suddenly lit up up. She stared at Mature Scarlet Paradise Sword intently, its bright sword entire body showing her slightly withered self.
№ Hamster said, “31st dilemma.”
Marching on Niagara
“You can indicator a binding agreement with Song Shuhang that is comparable to that relating to a ‘part-time worker’. You are able to work for him for anything in exchange. If you do such as this, you’ll retain your independence,” Elderly Scarlet Heaven Sword recommended. “If you choose to do this, what skills could you offer? Other than giving earth-friendly onion sprouts.”
Woman Onion hesitantly stated, “I’ve got… a lot of them, I assume?”
Fairy Development shouted, “Stupid, mindless!!”
“Are there numerous-preference queries or genuine-or-false questions?” Piece of music Shuhang cried. “Exams nowadays no less than have many-choice concerns. We ought to maintain the situations, ideal?”
On the other hand, Song Shuhang focused entirely on undertaking 2 things simultaneously, enjoying the demonic hamster’s talk though helping to make blind guesses when answering the problems.
Girl Onion’s view suddenly illuminated up. She stared at Older person Scarlet Heaven Sword intently, its vibrant sword body showing her slightly withered personal.
Concerning knowledge, she had over 200 exclusive ones. For example… the ❮200 Must-have Techniques for any Beast Soul to Survive❯.
Young lady Onion inquired, “Is it much more treasured compared to ‘Saber-Looking after Technique’?”
So dumb, Melody Shuhang can’t even response one problem appropriate!
Elderly Scarlet Paradise Sword mentioned, “These are two different things, and I might have the two.”
“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.
Chapter 1754 Generating excellent initiatives
“I’m dying, hahaha~ Woof~” Doudou was rolling all over the floor laughing. He’d been deliberating about whether he should ‘help’ Melody Shuhang by addressing the problems first. But eventually, he didn’t even ought to nudge him Piece of music Shuhang possessed already designed two faults on his own.
Melody Shuhang stated, “Blegh~ I am on the verge of vomit… Can you allow me to out now?”
The pace with the wheel was already in the hopelessness-inducing tier.
№ Hamster motivated, “Hint… If you would like escape this operating tire, you should use ‘psychic energy’ to do this.”
“Hehehe~” Behind him, Fairy @#%×’s tiny midsection twisted forward and backward as she slithered about the wheel gladly. Her nice-sounding fun and Piece of music Shuhang’s screams intertwined—were they content or unfortunate?
Young lady Onion hesitantly mentioned, “I’ve got… a lot of them, I assume?”
Whenever the 50 inquiries were over…
Scarlet Paradise Sword reported, “Freedom is rather treasured.”
Scarlet Paradise Sword required curiously, “Little Lady Onion, you’re no cost, do you know why don’t you appear to be joyful?”
His brain possessed already erupted!
“Hurry up and have me the issue,” Music Shuhang mentioned tremblingly—whether or otherwise not his response was perfect didn’t make a difference any longer. Now, he just planned to quickly complete the 50 queries, and get out of this hamster tire.

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