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Chapter 716 – Final Protection—Enter The Legendary Rank unusual wanting
Nonetheless, he was approximately to face his Heaven’s Test.
However, the king-level protection knowledge of such were shattered like decorative mirrors the moment they made an appearance!
It brutally stomped over Su Ping.
Even worse—unlike the suppression thousands of decades earlier—it would be restricted inside of a smaller and more dark location, which managed to get even more horrifying!
Ye Wuxiu, Ji Yuanfeng and all of the others who tasked themselves as Su Ping’s reinforcements were all amazed into stillness because of the unimaginable twice combination. Them all investigated the same set the Lord with the Deeply Caverns was searching.
The Lord on the Heavy Caverns was amazed, then becoming awfully gloomy. It turned around and investigated an empty s.p.a.ce.
“Are you ultimately able to analyze me?” Su Ping mumbled.
Foolish dog, precisely why are most of the abilities you’ve grasped about defense…?
Should the Minimal Skeleton has been wounded that badly, the Dim Dragon Hound should have encountered more serious!
Su Ping suddenly lost harmony and decreased on a lawn. He lifted his top of your head, only to see shield expertise beneath the giant ft . that has been urgent straight down.
It had trouble to change its travel around and look at Su Ping.
“Mr. Su!”
Bang, bang, bang, bang!!
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He lifted his top of your head and viewed the accumulating dark clouds.
Su Ping shed harmony and declined on the floor. He heightened his brain, merely to see shield techniques beneath the enormous ft . that had been urgent down.
“Huh? Perish now!”
The Lord of the Profound Caves was stunned to see that Su Ping wasn’t killed it absolutely was quite furious. Since it wasn’t in its greatest shape, it created to destroy Su Ping as soon as possible then spend some time to heal, just in case other things occurred.
Pedagogics as a System
Su Ping discovered the shadow that had swallowed him. He was still pulling the Dimly lit Dragon Hound as miles away as you can even though he knew anticipation of surviving was lean.
Why would it rather endure the penalizing flames on the agreement? Why was it so foolish?
“Because… I wanted to shield you…”
Sizzling hot tears rolled in Su Ping’s eyes. He didn’t cry often, but she couldn’t hold himself rear on this occasion.
He observed his animal in another pit it had been resting there, bleeding and unmoving. The contract fire were still burning up on its system!
“Go rear! Go back now!”
Stupid canine, can’t you understand a lot more offensive techniques, like the Small Skeleton along with the other folks pets…?
“Stupid dog…”
Even so, they thought it was not possible to shake the s.p.a.ce even when subscribing to their forces.
The bone tissues that coated his body system have been suddenly erected they hauled him again, wanting to guard him from the very sharp claw.
The agreement flames soon passed away out.
Su Ping had also woken up from that breakdown. He was drastically surprised because of the claw above his travel and made an effort to dodge.
The Lord on the Heavy Caverns was going to eliminate Su Ping along with completely locked decrease each of the nearby s.p.a.ce, not providing him any possibility to avoid!
A Changed Heart
The wind was sweeping out.

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