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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 1862 – Threaten Them bumpy rose
Chu Peihan, let’s see what to do now? Put it off to generally be reprimanded!

The dean stared at Chu Peihan having a critical encounter and questioned her. “Chu Peihan, do you assault Ke Lili in the dorm bedroom and even propel Ke Lili’s mommy to the ground inside of a motel last night?”
Going through Ke Lili’s provocation, Chu Peihan offered her a grin of disdain. She wasn’t vulnerable in anyway and Ke Lili couldn’t bully her!
Whether it wasn’t him, he wouldn’t question that question. He would angrily refute it as an alternative.

“Well, I realize everything you stated. I am just saying that we will ensure that it stays top secret for the present time, and also the confessions of these people is probably not genuine. I am going to examine it very first so you can determine it well before future,” Zhou Renyu said.
In that case, Chu Peihan would be publicly humiliated.
“Go interrogate them. Jeopardize them not to notify that I am the mastermind. Once they dare to achieve that, their loved ones will kick the bucket in addition to them. As for the online video, you possibly can make them express that they declared that in the hazard of that particular person,” reported Qu Linan, shopping wicked.
At about 9 am, Ke Yongqiang known as dean in the Scholastic Affairs Business office in the motion picture academy and pointed out it.
He deliberately omitted the fact that Ke Lili and Mrs. Ke possessed brought about Chu Peihan trouble primary, therefore, the dean of the Academic Affairs Office was naturally furious after seeing and hearing this.
“Who has watched the recording,” expected Qu Linan, experiencing concerned.
“No make any difference what, you can not defeat people,” mentioned the dean.
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As he stated that, others simply had to recognize. They hoped that Zhou Renyu could really manage it properly in order that they wouldn’t be dragged into hassle because of it.
The dean stared at Chu Peihan using a severe confront and questioned her. “Chu Peihan, have you assault Ke Lili inside the dorm space and in addition drive Ke Lili’s mommy to the floor in a motel the other day?”
Chu Peihan was angry, arguing within a chilly sound. “Dean, are you going to remain there simply being beaten by people without the need of struggling back in anyway?”
“Go interrogate them. Threaten them to never show that I’m the mastermind. Once they dare to do that, their people will expire together with them. With regards to online video, you can create them state that they said that beneath the threat of that man or woman,” stated Qu Linan, appearing evil.
Ke Lili offered Chu Peihan a peek of pleasure, though Chu Peihan withstood up calmly. They went out together following that.
“No make any difference what, you can not conquer people today,” stated the dean.
Ke Lili gave Chu Peihan a glance of pleasure, when Chu Peihan withstood up calmly. They walked out together soon after.
“No topic what, you cannot defeat individuals,” explained the dean.
“Members of my staff, but I’ve already aware them not to ever inform anyone else. Nevertheless, I’m scared the one that known as us could have a backup from the online video since she captured it. It can’t be saved a top secret for too much time, and so i must explain to you at the moment,” mentioned Zhou Renyu.
He then immediately alerted Chu Peihan’s top of your head coach to consider Chu Peihan into the Scholastic Affairs Company.
Ke Lili came to the school the very next day. She wasn’t only from the similar dorm space with Chu Peihan, but will also within the similar cla.s.s. When she arrived at the cla.s.sroom and spotted Chu Peihan, she smiled provocatively at her.
Even so, anything they didn’t know was that K was enjoying and taking their interaction on the telephone.
Chapter 1862: Damage Them
“I haven’t interrogated them however, but the person who identified as us managed. She even noted a youtube video and still left a USB display drive for people like us,” stated Zhou Renyu.
Section 1862: Threaten Them
He deliberately omitted the belief that Ke Lili and Mrs. Ke obtained triggered Chu Peihan difficulties 1st, therefore the dean in the School Affairs Office was naturally furious after seeing and hearing this.
Without having delight, K soon been told the most important chat.
“I haven’t interrogated them yet still, but the one who known as us have. She even captured a youtube video and remaining a USB display disk for many people,” claimed Zhou Renyu.
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Qu Linan frowned observing the caller’s brand. He didn’t know why Zhou Renyu known as him so delayed, but he still responded to.
“Did they confess every little thing?” asked Qu Linan, which meant that he confessed that this was his order.
Chu Peihan was irritated. Even though she realized how the dean was as poor as Ke Yongqiang, she was disappointed to face it today. Thus, her tone turned out to be unkind likewise. “Dean, I did it for any explanation. Can’t you let me clarify it?”
At about 9 am, Ke Yongqiang known as the dean of your Scholastic Matters Business office of your film academy and pointed out it.

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