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Cultivation Chat Group

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Chapter 1755 – Doudou, whom do you love the most? request mysterious
Doudou gritted his the teeth, and reported, “I will try it out again for a while, but don’t check with me this sort of weird inquiries! Usually, I am going to bite you. It would be better for you to just modify it directly back to the questions from well before.”
Cultivation Chat Group
“It’s as it hasn’t been turned on still,” reported Song Shuhang. While he spoke, he applied his clairvoyant electricity.
[The mission is done, so I’ll return to my grasp. In addition, this True Flywheel can be a benefit, and my expert asserted that it’s to become still left for yourself.] The speech of № Hamster sounded in Tune Shuhang’s thoughts. [I’ll be disconnecting now. Good bye.]
On the other hand, prior to Tune Shuhang could do anything whatsoever, the working tire started off rotating quickly.
Melody Shuhang happily reported, “I just desired to test out the functions on this marvelous value and, perfectly, tease you during the process.”
Doudou gritted his tooth, and explained, “I will try it out all over again for a while, but don’t inquire me these kinds of weird problems! Otherwise, I will nibble you. It could be easier for you to just transformation it directly back to the concerns from prior to.”
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[4th question: 2+2=?]
Song Shuhang reduced his head, and investigated his palm. Unexpectedly, a faint green shade surfaced from his fingers.
Fairy Development shouted unwillingly, “Stupid, foolish!”
Music Shuhang asked, “Are you all set?”
“Me as well,” Gentle Feather mentioned. “In add-on, next time we now have the opportunity, let’s get Elderly Copper Trigram with this wheel. Potentially at that time, we’ll lastly get acquainted with whether Older person Copper Trigram is really a masculine or maybe a women.”
Music Shuhang retched for any excellent though until he at last observed a lttle bit superior.
“Senior Melody, you didn’t change the concerns!” Gentle Feather referred to as out. She begun to manage, her slim thighs and legs switching swiftly to keep up with the rotation rate in the working wheel.
Doudou explained wittily, “Are you aiming to secret me again? I’m not dumb! This has to be an instance where 1+1=1. A flock of sheep plus a go of sheep is still a head of sheep, perfect?”
She anxiously waited for years, holding out until Mature Tune ultimately received out. But now that it had been her turn… it shattered?
Doudou gritted his tooth, and stated, “I will give it a try all over again for a while, but don’t request me such bizarre concerns! In any other case, I will bite you. It becomes better for you to just adjust it back to the inquiries from ahead of.”
“Then I’ll start off.” Music Shuhang begun to manage the mystical value. “Anyway, the queries loaded in barely now were definitely for Doudou, so I have to transition directly back to the questions on ‘transforming divine sensation into psychic energy’ first.”
Because he made clairvoyant strength, Piece of music Shuhang felt as though he’d turn out to be one using the hamster wheel—to be more accurate, he’d gained partial control over it.
Doudou looked upset because he bought right out of the hamster tire.
Tender Feather clarified, “Go forward, Older person Song.”
Cultivation Chat Group
Doudou stretched out his four thighs and legs casually, and trotted inside the wheel.
“Then I’ll begin.” Track Shuhang started to regulate the mystical treasure. “Anyway, the concerns packed in barely now ended up for Doudou, so I have to change returning to the questions on ‘transforming divine good sense into clairvoyant energy’ first.”
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“!!!” Soft Feather.
Music Shuhang retched to obtain a great even though until he lastly believed a bit far better.
Doudou shouted, “F*ck you! Have a look at my mouth, f-*-c-k y-o-u!”
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“Me as well,” Tender Feather stated. “In option, the very next time we now have the chance, let’s get Older Copper Trigram during this wheel. Possibly at that time, we will finally learn whether Older person Copper Trigram is a men or maybe a female.”
Even so, the wheel failed to switch, and having № Hamster obtaining already disconnected, there was n.o.entire body to question questions to.
“Huh? The machine is doing the job just as before? Then i want to go first, Older person Piece of music,” Smooth Feather termed out. Naturally, she was first in lines!
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The demonic hamster mentioned this thru emotional communicating, as a result it was just Music Shuhang who observed this.
“???” Doudou.
And this time, the person questioning the query was Tune Shuhang, would you management the enchanting cherish.
Once the tire stopped, Piece of music Shuhang speedily exposed the doorway regarding his clairvoyant electricity, and jumped from it with his energy.

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